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c l a r e with her sucking thumbs
19 July 1989
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versus the voices in my head
clare. crazy. mercurial. and a crier.

♥: archie. reading. writing. fanfic. mika. harry. colin. weird people. curly hair. dimples. accents. etc. anime. music. friends. boys. chips. sleep. butterflies. sparkles. internet. rain. pictures. romance. learning. homosexuals. kinks. slash.

non-&hearts: prejudice. cruelty. idiots (charmless ones). backtalk. dubs. gum on my shoe. back pain. broken links. insensitivity. bugs. homework. hunger.

people: archie. mika. colin. etc. jesus. johnny. leo. charlize. shakespeare.

colors: green. green. red. black. blue.

there is a poignant feeling in my chest. is this because of you? maybe i can reach out and touch you. but i'm afraid of disturbing the mirage because that's what you are. i'd rather live in my head (i already do)

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